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My Approach

I work with individuals from an integrative approach, which means that I take into consideration the many aspects that make up your life such as work, community, family, school, spirituality, physical and social influences that make up the fabric of your life.
My work is deeply rooted in looking at the whole person. This includes emotional concerns that led you to seek therapy as well as the external factors that may be impacting your wellbeing such as societal norms, pressure, systemic racism, discrimination, and access to wellness resources in your surrounding community. We are human after all, and there are so many pieces of our lives that impact our sense of peace and fulfillment.
Therapy is not one size fits all, and in order to support your unique needs I draw from a variety of modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing mindfulness techniques and EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy).  I am honored to be considered to walk this path with you and pride myself in my social justice minded, culturally sensitive, compassionate, and empathic yet direct style to support you during this time.

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