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Pregnancy and 

The transition to motherhood and parenthood can be an experience mixed with intense emotion, including joy, fear, sadness, grief, excitement and confusion. Perhaps you feel alone in your thoughts as you journey into motherhood or parenthood and wonder- is it supposed to feel this way? Many mothers and parents struggle with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression during pregnancy and beyond. Images and ideas of what motherhood and parenthood is supposed to be like can cause a lot of grief and leave you feeling inadequate and unequipped for motherhood and parenthood.


You are not alone in these feelings! It is a life changing time that can be incredibly challenging and reaching out for support is important for you, your baby and family. You can feel better and gain a greater sense of confidence, joy, and fulfillment in your motherhood and parenting path. 

I became particularly interested in maternal mental health after the birth of my first daughter and enjoy supporting other mothers and parents as they transition to parenthood. Having experienced postpartum depression myself, I am attuned to the nuanced experience of mothers and caregivers and recognize that the path is not always linear.  Areas of support I offer are the adjustment to parenthood, infertility, postpartum depression, anxiety, birth trauma and challenges in your partnership.

All services are provided via a secure telehealth platform from the comfort of your home or private space. For newly postpartum mothers and parents, babies are welcome. Caring for your child need not be a barrier to receiving support.    Typically, meetings are weekly or bi-weekly.

50 mins | $ 160

Some sliding scale fees are available, please inquire

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